Should Your Office Use Virtual Receptionist Services for Business?

Should Your Office Use Virtual Receptionist Services for Business
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Should Your Business Use a Virtual Receptionist Service?

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There are many reasons virtual receptionist services for business are a good fit for many (if not most) companies. And we’ve covered many of those reasons in posts on this blog (be sure to check those out).

Still, if you’re not completely convinced, you may be asking yourself if your business should use a virtual receptionist service. Well, the short answer is “probably.” However, let’s answer that question by asking a few more.

These questions should help you determine whether your business can benefit from partnering with a virtual receptionist service.

Does your business receive more calls than you or your team can handle effectively?

If you answered yes, then a virtual receptionist service can certainly benefit your business. You can opt to have a virtual receptionist take calls for your business full-time; or you can choose to let the virtual receptionist pick up the slack on nights, weekends, and holidays. With a virtual receptionist service, how much you use the service is entirely up to you.

Is poor customer service affecting your business’ ability to attract and retain customers or clients? Or, is your business’ reputation suffering because of poor customer service?

This is a big one. If your current team is not providing the customer service your customers (and potential customers) deserve, you should act quickly and get some help. Good virtual receptionist services for business can help you get back on the path to great customer service quickly and at surprisingly low costs. So, if your business is not providing the best customer service, contact us immediately so we can help you get back on track – before too much damage is done.

Offices Benefit from Using Virtual Receptionist Services for Business

Is your business having difficulty finding or affording reliable employees to handle your customer service or dispatching needs?

If you answered yes to this question, call us right away; Insta Answer can help. Insta Answer can help quickly provide the professional, friendly staff your business needs to improve customer service and support, as well as dispatch service or maintenance calls effectively and efficiently. Our virtual receptionist and dispatching rates are typically much more affordable than hiring and training in-house staff, and we can start helping improve your customer service and dispatching in a matter of days – not weeks or months.

Do you want to grow your service or maintenance business through word-of-mouth referrals?

If you want to grow your business through word-of-mouth referrals, nothing is more effective than providing stellar customer service and support. Just like you are an expert in your field, our professionally trained virtual receptionists are experts at providing amazing customer service. At Insta Answer, we hire only the BEST candidates to work for us. Therefore, if you want to delight your customers (and potential customers), great customer service is the way to go. Once you partner with Insta Answer, it won’t take long before your customers are complimenting your company on its great customer service and start referring your service or maintenance business to their friends.

Insta Answer – Your Partner for Great Virtual Receptionist Services for Business

At Insta Answer, we have been helping businesses (just like yours) with exceptional virtual receptionist services for business for over 50 years. Our global network of virtual receptionists provides outstanding service and support to your customers that improves customer loyalty and retention, increases sales, and generates more word-of-mouth referrals for your business.

When you select Insta Answer as your virtual receptionist provider, you not only gain access to our talented team of virtual receptionists, you also get a partner who will work just as hard as you do to ensure that your business continues to grow and thrive.

If you would like to find out how partnering with Insta Answer can help grow your business with exceptional customer service, please click here to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, you can reach us toll-free at (877) 631 – 9711 or by email at [email protected].


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Steve Samuels

A respected contact-service executive and thought-leader, Insta Answer CEO Steve Samuels has over 30 years experience in the industry. Steve posts his insights here on our blog weekly (and sometimes more.)

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