how dispatching services can handle your elevator responsibilities
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Elevator repair companies need to offer emergency services to their customers around the clock, as some could be trapped. This creates a need for a working elevator dispatch system to calm customers, assign a team as soon as possible, and follow up until everything runs correctly. ​
Here are the critical roles of elevator dispatching services and how they handle elevator responsibilities:

1. Answering calls during emergencies 
When a customer calls in with an elevator emergency, sometimes trapped, they need a confident, calm, and reassuring voice on the other side to feel safe. Insta Answer has knowledgeable and compassionate virtual elevator dispatchers ready to receive the call anytime and keep the customer relaxed until help arrives.

During the call, they take:

  • The caller’s name
  • Their address
  • The issue and other essential information like elevator number

After collecting this information, they proceed to create a dispatch ticket. They can also screen for pranks and false alarms, though they are rare.

2. Communicate with technicians 
The other role is to communicate and notify on-call technicians with information on the current issue for immediate attention. To perform this function effectively, dispatchers must monitor and track technicians’ availability and location.

3. Dispatching rescue
The elevator dispatcher sends out a team and continues reassuring the callers that help is on the way. It is their duty to ensure a fast turnaround to customers’ requests.

Other duties of elevator dispatching services include:

  • Reviewing and prioritizing current support requests
  • Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the technicians
  • Escalating complaints, if any

Contact Insta Answer for virtual elevator dispatching services
Elevator services are one of the main businesses that require around-the-clock attention due to occasional emergency calls. Our team has trained elevator dispatchers with experience in handling calls and delivering the message to your professional 24/7, 365 days a year. Call Insta Answer now at 877-631-9711 to see how we’ll handle your calls and dispatch responsibilities.

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