4 ways to attract new customers in the heating oil propane industry
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Not only do people have so many methods of home heating to consider; they also have just as many (or more) companies to choose from regardless of which method they choose. So what’s to stop potential customers from signing on with one of your competitors? Well, we know a few things that could make all the difference. Here are four things your customers are looking for in a heating oil and propane business.

1. Understandable Payment Plans
Tailoring your company’s prices to fit the needs of your customers isn’t an easy task, but offering easy-to-understand, flexible payment options is the next best thing. Try adopting strategies like offering market prices or capped costs to help your customers understand why paying for your services is their best option.

2. Reliability
Heating oil and propane are resources that, when scarce or unavailable, can cause chaos and serious danger to those in need of heat. So, ensuring that your supplies never run low so that, in turn, your customers’ supplies never run low is an essential part of business in the industry.

3. Excellent Reviews
People like doing business with companies that have a good reputation, as they should. No potential customer is going to opt for a business that has one-star reviews – or worse, no reviews at all. Make sure to encourage happy customers to leave reviews for your business online and refer their friends to boost your company’s status.

4. The Best Customer Service
Customer service and support should always be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to improving your business or seeking out new leads. Potential customers want to deal with businesses that look out for their best interests, are available whenever, and really know their stuff. Investing in a quality customer service team is a sure-fire way to attract new customers and keep your current ones happy.

So, when it comes to making the right choices for your business, use these tips to stay on track. And while you’re busy handling the business side of things, Insta Answer is waiting to take all your customer service calls 24/7. Our virtual receptionists are standing by and ready to take your heating oil and propane business to the next level. Give us a call today!

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Steve Samuels

A respected contact-service executive and thought-leader, Insta Answer CEO Steve Samuels has over 30 years experience in the industry. Steve posts his insights here on our blog weekly (and sometimes more.)

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