the secret to keeping your plumbing employees safe
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Plumbers do an excellent job maintaining and repairing drains, leaving homeowners feeling happy with their properties’ restored plumbing function. Still, it’s not uncommon to hear cases of injuries among maintenance and repair workers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics established that 21,490 non-fatal occupational injuries occurred among these workers in 2019. It’s critical to avoid these injuries by adhering to workplace safety precautions. Below are 4 plumbing safety tips to prevent occupational injuries.

Prepare in Advance
Plumbers must be proactive in their approach to plumbing jobs. It requires obtaining full information about the job from the homeowner. They also must ensure that they have the right tools, in-depth knowledge, and skills for the job. Understanding and adhering to the local building codes is essential as these regulations mitigate safety risks while ensuring all plumbing works conform to the standard building regulations.

Have the Right Tools
Plumbing tools are not only limited to hand-held apparatuses. They also include the vehicles used to transport technicians and work tools to the property requiring plumbing repairs. An excellent approach would be for plumbing companies to hold technicians accountable for tools and equipment, from stocking the first-aid kit to checking vehicle tire treads. Doing this alleviates safety risks, such as accidents. It also ensures work tools are readily available when needed, preventing time and fuel wastage.

Adorn Proper PPE
Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is the first step to maintaining plumbing safety. Your safety gear must include the following:

  • Safety helmet
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Respirator
  • Safety boots
  • Earplugs

By adorning the full safety gear, plumbing technicians proof themselves against a range of health hazards they may encounter at work. These include:

  • Mold and mildew from leaking drains
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Dust particles generated from cutting pipes
  • Burns resulting from soldering water-heater connections
  • Pathogens and contaminants from raw sewage

Besides, adhering to the best sanitary practices also prevents infections because of plumbing works. Washing the hands thoroughly after every job, avoiding touching the eyes or nose, and washing plumbing uniforms are actions that promote sanitation and hygiene.

Follow Safety Precautions
Technicians also need to observe safety precautions when performing maintenance and repair works. Their jobs involve working at heights, small spaces, back-and-forth movements, loud noises, and other environmental hazards.

Practicing safe lifting techniques ensures objects don’t fall. Even so, wearing safety helmets and boots prevents injuries from any falling tool or metal object. Because technicians often work in confined spaces, their posture may cause back and neck pains. That’s why the Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends that they work in turns, breaking after every 30 minutes.

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