the dos and donts when stuck in an elevator
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Being entrapped in an elevator may prompt different reactions amongst the riders. Some riders may panic while others may become irritated by the whole ordeal which is stressful.
While entrapped, you may feel the urge to force your way out, attempting various means such as forcing to open doors or even trying to jump out of the elevator, which may lead to injuries and in some instances fatalities. It is important to understand the safety measures, the dos and don’ts, you need to follow when trapped in an elevator. Here are the safety guidelines, the dos and don’ts when trapped in an elevator…

What to Do When Stuck in an Elevator
  • Stay CalmStaying inside an elevator trapped may result to discomfort and nervousness. The discomfort may increase when there are many people in the elevator who have panicked from the entrapment. You should not panic but rather stay calm as this will reduce the level of discomfort and nervousness.
  • Ring alarm: Elevators have alarm bells which alert the operators, security personnel and landlords of an emergency. When trapped, ring the bell and wait calmly for a response and further instructions.
  • Use communication channelsUse the communication tools and channels you have to alert of the emergency. If your phone has some signal, dial the emergency numbers written on the elevator or call the response team for help.
  • Move to the rearMove to the rear of the elevator once you have alerted the response team or the elevator company. One may get hurt when near the front of the elevator when the response team uses means such as forcing the door open to rescue you.
  • Focus on instructions givenThe emergency response team may provide you with instructions to follow to ease your rescue. Focus on the instructions to ensure a successful operation.

What not to Do When Stuck in an Elevator

  • Do not jump: Do not jump and down inside the elevator with an attempt to make the elevator move when stuck as such will destabilize the elevator. A destabilized elevator makes it difficult for you to be rescued.
  • Do not open doors: Do not force or attempt to open doors when the elevator stops and you get trapped. The stop might be temporary and when the elevator starts moving again, you may risk injuries such as falling.
  • Do not Exit: You may be tempted to exit an elevator when it stops working, an act which may endanger your life. Wait for the response personnel to completely shut down the elevator before attempting to exit.
  • Do not panic: Keeping everyone calm within the elevator may reduce chances of a stampede out of the elevator and everyone will move out safely.

Being stuck in an elevator is a terrifying experience with various outcomes depending on how one handle the entrapment issue. To keep your elevator customers safe and happy, have Insta Answer handle your elevator dispatching calls. Call us today to get started.

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