Better Customer Conversations: Tips for Service Pros

Better Customer Conversations A Service Pro’s Guide to Authentic Connections Featured Image
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Better Customer Conversations: Tips for Service Pros

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In the hands-on world of trades and services, meaningful conversations with customers can be the difference between failure and success. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical work, or landscaping, trust is solidified through authentic and better customer conversations. It’s not just about getting the work done; it’s about ensuring each client feels genuinely valued and heard. Here’s how you can improve your communication skills to achieve better customer conversations.

Why Better Customer Conversations Are Important

Even in a world dominated by technology, authentic human interaction and conversation is still king. Studies show that over 80% of individuals favor face-to-face communication over digital interaction during challenging situations. When clients engage, they’re not just seeking solutions, but a sincere connection.

Tip for Better Customer Conversations

Tips for Better Customer Conversations

Improving your communication skills isn’t a particularly hard task. However, like anything else, it takes some practice. To have better customer conversations, follow these tips and take your communication skills up a notch.

  1. Genuine Engagement

Every interaction tells a story. When you go along with that story, you build a connection. Studies show that 98% of customers connect more with businesses that empathize with their perspective.

  • Ask questions that encourage the customer to share more details.
  • You can validate their feelings by saying, “I completely understand where you’re coming from.”
  1. Active Listening

True listening goes beyond just hearing words. According to research, customers who feel genuinely acknowledged tend to remain loyal.

  • Don’t interrupt too quickly.
  • To establish mutual understanding, rephrase their concerns.
  1. Keep Your Cool

In difficult situations, remaining calm can be the solution. Data shows that 68% of clients feel that their experience is greatly improved by calm interactions.

  • In tense situations, practice controlled and measured breathing.
  • Take a moment to reflect and think before responding.
  1. Embrace a “Certainly, and can do…” attitude instead of an “Unfortunately, but we can’t…” one

If you keep the conversation positive, everything can change.

  • Instead of “We can’t do that,” try “But, Would this (or something else) be a good alternative?”
  • Prioritize solution-oriented dialogue.
  1. Patience Is a Virtue

Better customer conversations demand unhurried attention. Research shows that most clients (90%) value interactions that don’t feel rushed.

  • Let them control the pace of the conversation.
  • Communicate your pledge to complete understanding, not just temporary solutions.
  1. Communicate Conclusions Effectively

For better customer conversations, make sure you’re on the same page before you finish.

  • What were the important parts of our conversation and what do we do now?
  • Try, “Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything else you need to know.”
  1. Remember the Golden Rule

Treating customers the way you want to be treated leads to long-lasting loyalty. The happier the customers, the happier the employees – that’s what research says.

  • Always put yourself in the client’s shoes and reflect.
  • Remember, feedback helps you get better.

Improve Your Customer Conversations with Insta Answer

It’s tough for service professionals to handle fieldwork and constant calls. This is where Insta Answer excels. We’re all about creating better customer conversations and great customer experiences.

If you’re a hardworking service provider or tradesperson, think about including Insta Answer in your communication plan. Insta Answer not only makes your interactions easier, but we also make sure each conversation is top-notch, making customers happier.

If you would like to learn more about how Insta Answer can help your business have better customer conversations and improve customer service and support, please contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. You can reach us toll free at 877-631-9711 or by email at [email protected]. You’ll be glad you did.

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Steve Samuels

A respected contact-service executive and thought-leader, Insta Answer CEO Steve Samuels has over 30 years experience in the industry. Steve posts his insights here on our blog weekly (and sometimes more.)

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