6 things to look for in a heating oil and propane answering service
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A third of clients expect a response within 1 hour. The same fraction will consider switching companies once customer service surpasses this timeline. With the heating oil and propane industry, a phone answering service may need to respond much sooner. During peak season, many businesses in this field become overwhelmed, delaying their customer response times, leading to the eventual loss of clientele.
Your business can avoid this by contracting professional heating oil and propane answering services. Check out these six tips to help you find the right phone answering service for your heating oil and propane business.

In most cases, clients in the gas industry require a quick response. Therefore, you must engage a telephone answering service that is available 24/7/365. While looking for availability, also consider capacity. An effective telephone answering service is not only present but can handle high volume dispatches across multiple regions. Such a service will allow your staff to focus more on their specific duties, hence facilitating business growth.

Proper Business Representation
Availability and capacity are not enough. A reliable telephone answering service should be an extension of your business, meaning they should represent your business to clients and potential clients just as in-house staff would. The customer service representatives should conduct themselves professionally and have sufficient experience in the field.

Phone answering services may receive access to confidential information. You need to ensure that your phone answering service applies stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive information, round the clock. This may involve installing firewalls, anti-virus software and protecting their facilities from intruders.

Outsourcing an answering and dispatch service should make business sense. Start by comparing prices and pick what works for you. Some heating oil and propane dispatch services offer flat fees packaged into different tiers, while others charge according to line activity. If you have a predictable call volume, a flat rate may work. Look no further than Insta Answer, for the best deals on your phone answering and dispatch services.

Advanced Technology
Technology is constantly evolving. Having an answering service that constantly updates its technology will save you a lot of money while being highly effective. A basic standard would be an online portal that helps take care of all needs like dispatch, virtual reception and call center solutions while regularly backing up all data.

User-friendly Systems
Last, an ideal answering service should offer systems that are easy to use. Also, the system should be flexible to changes, allowing updates on scripts, on-call schedules, and email support.

With these tips in mind, why not consider Insta Answer for your telephone answering needs? We have extensive experience and pride ourselves on fulfilling all the above requirements. Call Insta Answer now to see how we’ll handle your calls 877-631-9711!

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