5 reasons you need an elevator maintenance plan
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Elevators carry millions of people each year. This means they need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently. But some people wonder why they should pay money for elevator maintenance when it isn’t broken. You do not need to see any signs of damage before you call an elevator technician. It is imperative to have an elevator maintenance plan even if the elevator is operational. Here are the benefits of an elevator maintenance plan.

What is an Elevator Maintenance Plan?

An elevator maintenance plan is a checkup for the elevator to identify potential problems. It usually happens before minor issues become major problems that could damage the elevator, leading to costly repairs.

Benefits of An Elevator Maintenance Plan

Pass the Required State Inspections
Each state has different elevator inspection rules, and this is why it is best to have a maintenance plan to guide you. Working with an experienced elevator technician with the right inspection equipment is best. The technician will assess the doors, circuits, ride comfort, signal and light bulbs, and oil levels, among other things, to ensure every item is functional and efficient.

No More Delays
A defective elevator could be why some people get to the office late. Someone will reach the building earlier but spend time in the elevator if it has issues. While you may assume that people will use stairs, it is worth noting that not everyone can use the stairs for various reasons. The best way to keep your tenants happy is by ensuring that the elevator is functional and running efficiently. This is possible with an elevator maintenance plan.

Avoid Code Violations
It is imperative to operate within the applicable elevator codes to avoid issues with the authorities. With an elevator maintenance plan, you will be sure of scheduled inspections each year to stay updated with the code regulations. You will avoid hefty fines and penalties that could cost you more money in the long run.

Saves You Money
Ignoring minor issues like wear and tear in an elevator will cost you more in the long run. You will likely pay more money for expensive repairs in the long run. It is best to consider a maintenance plan to keep the elevator functioning efficiently, thus, saving you money.

Improved Passenger Safety 
An elevator accident can happen at any time if there are issues within. This can lead to severe injuries that may cost you money when handling lawsuits due to negligence, and this is the last thing you’d want to experience. Having an elevator maintenance plan will prevent potential accidents. You will have peace of mind when the elevator functions correctly, knowing that people are safe.

Partner with Elevator Service and Maintenance Experts 

​Have your elevator properly serviced and maintained by an expert to prevent issues that could cost you time and more money in the long run. Do you need help with answering elevator-related service work?  Call Insta Answer now to see how we’ll handle your calls!

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