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Improving productivity is quite a task no matter the industry a business operates in, and providing accurate work is critical in the construction industry – especially when clients micromanage their projects. So you cannot afford to overlook the need to optimize productivity among your construction workers. Below are a few tips for increasing construction productivity.

1. Communicate Clearly to Avoid Delays
One of the contributors to low productivity on construction sites is coordination and communication difficulties among project team members. Communication is also a critical productivity booster within the construction sector. So, adopting a uniform reporting system for a construction project is advisable.
The reason is that such a system will streamline communication with subcontractors, workers, and other stakeholders, which will improve productivity.

2. Take Time to Pre-Plan
Besides effective decision-making, organizational skills, and leadership, pre-planning is essential for construction project management. So, if you want to reduce productivity issues, you need to plan well before starting a construction project. The things you should focus on when pre-planning include materials requirements, schedules for workers, and anticipated and unexpected changes of orders.
Also, identifying where delays, problems, and surprises may occur by reviewing previous projects is possible when you pre-plan. After that, you can find solutions to counter such issues.

3. Prioritize Continuous Training
Undoubtedly, inadequate training affects construction productivity rates. So, if you want construction site workers to deliver accordingly and a worksite to run efficiently, training such individuals from time to time will be necessary. In any case, every day is a learning day.
Additionally, training construction workers attracts extra expenses, but it can reduce the number of injuries on-site and address cases of labor shortages. That, in turn, will increase construction productivity.

4. Set Realistic Goals
Uninterrupted construction labor productivity is critical in the construction industry since building projects take time to complete. On the other hand, avoiding cost overruns and meeting deadlines are some of the things you cannot overlook in this case. The solution here is to outline the goals that each stakeholder should meet. Doing so ensures that a construction project remains on track.

Is a competitive spirit evident among your construction workers? Set a goal for them to meet and reward them when they achieve it. Ultimately, that will boost productivity.

5. Ensure You Track Metrics
Imagining that you can take a break and relax when all workers are hard at work on a construction site can lead to frustrations. The reason is that the project may run out of materials at the last minute. So, checking your inventory regularly to ensure that you have materials to complete at least a week’s worth of work is paramount.
Also, note that you need to ensure there are no wastages beyond placing an order for new materials in advance. Tracking such metrics will not only eliminate unnecessary costs, but it will increase productivity too.

Listening, setting realistic goals, and offering incentives, makes construction workers feel valued. The tips above can help you achieve that, which will, in turn, enhance productivity. Call Insta Answer now at 877-631-9711 to see how we’ll handle your calls!

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Steve Samuels

A respected contact-service executive and thought-leader, Insta Answer CEO Steve Samuels has over 30 years experience in the industry. Steve posts his insights here on our blog weekly (and sometimes more.)

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