Nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of your customers – Let us help you keep the sweat off their brows and the chill out of their bones! Insta-Answer is ready, 24/7, to answer your client’s residential and commercial needs while simultaneously acting as the middle man by only dispatching on-call employees to the emergencies and situations you specify


  • 24/7 Live Customer service and support on demand
  • Trained CSR’s handle calls from consumers, suppliers, and customers on your behalf
  • 24/7/365 protection with monitoring of systems and alarms in the plant or in the field
  • Every detail tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Office overflow answering service for when the office is busy
  • Specialized Dispatching to pre-assigned Manager’s or On-call staff
  • Special text and email messaging with confirmation
  • Understand and determining immediately a contract client vs. new clients
  • Keeping the Manager in the loop with our On-line Portal to update on-call staff
  • Online Portal Allows you to be in control of your on-call schedule
  • Online Portal for on-call message retrieval
  • On-call dispatching for multiple regions
  • Rapid Response
  • Customize Reports
  • Large or small we have a solution for all!