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Let our virtual receptionists

step in when you step out.


missed calls,

missed opportunity,

missed revenue!

we charge an estimated 10% - 20% less than our leading answering service competitors - let us show you how!

Insta-Answer offers state-of-the-art technology usually only found within international call centers!

Insta-Answer is the perfect partner to your company with the incomparable flexibility that our program provides and an exceptional staff that works directly with you to develop specially tailored scripts that will best serve your business.

Here at Insta-Answer, we work with you to effectively handle every detail of your business' calls by providing a solution for your caller, collecting call information, and delivering that information right to you for your company records.

from the first ring, to the right answer, to the right outcome



Insta-Answer's team of professional Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) start working with you by developing a script that will be most productive to keeping your business running after hours. We Know:

Specialization Works

Proficiency Sells

& Expertise Leads to Profit Gain!



Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are an extension of your business!

They work from Multi-Tiered Scripts

in order to ensure they always:

Ask the Right Questions

Dispense the Right Answers

& Collect the Right Information





We finish off our polished service by ensuring the delivery of information vital to your business is handled whatever way you want it --

We offer call summaries and other information through fax, e-mail, text message, or a combination delivery system!


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