When the pipes are dripping or the toilet backs-up customers need plumbing service on the fly! Day or night and more often than not, customers with plumbing emergencies cannot wait and will move from business to business until someone answers their call! Don't let your ad dollars go to waste or lose on potential profit - let us make your business ready to act 24/7!


Nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of your customers - Let us help you keep the sweat off their brows and the chill out of their bones! Insta-Answer is ready, 24/7, to answer your client's residential and commercial needs while simultaneously acting as the middle man by only dispatching on-call employees to the emergencies and situations you specify.


Insta Answer originally started answering tenant after-hours emergency calls. Rapidly, their role expanded to handling hundreds of calls throughout the day on a roll-over basis, providing information release questions, billing, evictions, as well as the emergencies Insta-Answer answered from the beginning.

For any real estate business, Insta Answer services eliminates the necessity to maintain internal customer service staff handling these calls. Improving management time on what matters most!


After hours emergency maintenance is crucial to being a top competitor in your field and for the satisfaction of your customers!

With specialization in entrapments, elevator monitoring, and the ability to receive calls directly from elevator car phones, our precise services compliment each elevator company we partner with. Insta-Answer also allows for customizable databases containing each of your company's car status, whether shut down, low priority, or high priority accounts.


Large or small projects, you have enough to do! Insta-Answer is your simple solution to prevent being bound in the office or leaving client calls unanswered. So whether your working alongside your employees, inspecting sites, meeting with customers, or somewhere in-between, get back to what you do best - we'll take it from here!


Energy services are intrinsic to the function of our society at the residential and commercial levels! But Natural Gas, Propane, Heating Oil, Lubricants, Gasoline, and Diesel emergencies cannot wait. Insta-Answer can help manage your 24/7 calls, dispatching customer needs so you can maintain speed and efficiency.


When your office lights go out for the night, don't let your customers down! Electrical emergencies pay no attention to office hours and can occur at any moment. Whether it's a simple fix or a complete electrical failure, Insta-Answer can help you be there for customers when they need you most!


From mowing, to blowing, and planting to irrigation systems, a residential or commercial lawn can make a lasting first impression. Help your customers meet their landscaping needs 24/7 as Insta-Answer filters what needs your attention immediately and what can wait...of course at your preference!


Insta-Answer can support the after-hours and on-call functions based on the protocols and directives set forth by each physician. The ability to screen, prioritize, and route messages within a medical framework is an area of special expertise but fine tuned through our call center staff.


From years of experience in pest control services, Insta-Answer has built up a specialized system for managing calls in this industry. Our operators know what to listen for and by using our technology, know how to handle pest and rodent issues. Our scripts display the questions to ask and our CSRs work with your callers to determine if they are experiencing an emergency or if the caller simply needs to schedule an appointment for later assistance.


Whether you are a startup business, small business or a larger company let us take you to a new level with our virtual receptionist. Our virtual phone system handles your inbound calls the same way a receptionist would giving your business a 24-hour customer service for a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist. You give the workflow details and we do the rest!

• We answer calls with a professional greeting
• Immediate message taking and delivery
• Emergency dispatching
• Direct calls to any number, email or fax
• Scripting can be different for business hours and after hours
• Access to our online portal to view incoming messages

With our highly trained receptionists, we provide our clients with the best virtual receptionist support possible. Our quality service, state-of-the-art technology, and telephony infrastructure make for exceptional customer service experience.

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